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Adventure and Fun

PAC camps create unforgettable experiences, where children and young teenagers can have fun, excitement and new challenges in a healthy, encouraging and safe environment. A PAC experience will also promote broader values such as consideration for others and respect for the environment.


At PAC, we take our responsibilities for looking after the welfare and wellbeing of our young guests seriously. Our ethos is to make each child feel unique and valued – the climate of encouragement allows each child to recognise and develop their own skills and strengths. Our staff are recruited for their skills, maturity, enthusiasm and commitment to consistently achieve high standards of care. We acknowledge our accountability to the child and their parents or carers.


We aim to make PAC a very special experience, offering numerous opportunities to form new friendships with other youngsters and adults. As well as providing an exciting and structured activity programme, PAC also appreciates the value of free time to allow children and young teenagers to relax and give them the chance to develop friendships at their own pace.

Real Benefits from “Sparkling Moments”

PAC’s goal is to encourage participation, friendship and positive attitudes. Our aim is that each child will experience and learn new things about him or herself. We encourage children to take healthy risks, celebrate success and achievement, thereby promoting self-confidence and self-esteem.


Safety is paramount in the planning, preparation and delivery of all PAC services and activities. Our policies, procedures and general ethos reflect this commitment.

“I loved making the boats out of rubbish, and then racing them down the burn.”

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