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Volunteer Assistant Leaders

6 reasons to Volunteer at PAC this year...

1. Excellent experience
As a Volunteer Assistant leader at Pentlands Activity Camps (PAC), you gain first-hand 9-5 work experience working with primary-aged children and young people. You'll improve and learn new skills and be part of the PAC team that'll be valuable for your CV and job prospects, and perhaps even help you to know what you'd like to do when you finish school!

2. Being part of the PAC Team
The PAC Team is a fun, hard-working group of people who help give all our kids at PAC (up to 60 each day!) the best time during the Easter and Summer holidays. Over the short season that PAC runs the team gets to know each other very well and be part of something special. As a volunteer assistant, you'll be a valuable part of the team.


3. Food
Assisting at PAC involves a lot of energy (and often running around!) We provide all our Assistant Volunteers with hot drinks (teas/coffees/hot chocolate), snacks, lunches and sometimes even cake! You are well fed and watered throughout the day and will cater to any dietary requirements. All you have to bring along is your enthusiasm, smile and suitable clothing!


4. Its' great fun and great for you!
Spending the week outdoors in the fresh air with a group of kids and young people isn't just great fun, but it's great for our mental health. Volunteering at PAC means you help to give primary aged children the best time in the Scottis
h countryside, something that is hugely rewarding. Every day and everyone at PAC is different and we're committed to making all 'work experience' genuinely positive and worthwhile for all of our volunteer assistant leaders. 

5. UCAS & Job References
We encourage all our volunteer assistants to add PAC as a reference for UCAS and job applications - we're always happy to write references for the hard work and help you have given us.


6. Saltire Award Scheme
Assisting voluntarily at PAC is a great way to clock up volunteering hours. Helping at 1 week of PAC (Mon - Fri, 9 am - 5 pm) is 40 hours that can go towards the nationally recognised Saltire Award Scheme that celebrates youth volunteering in Scotland and looks great on your CV or UCAS application. 


So, if you're in S4+ and would like to give your time during the Easter or Summer holidays this year - please download, complete and return the form below. We'll then arrange an informal chat about whether volunteering at PAC is for you.

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