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PAC Privacy Policy

Once a booking has been completed data (child’s registration form and booking details) is collected and stored by Active Works for Pentlands Activity Camps (PAC).

Data that is collected and stored includes name and email address of the main account holder, personal information about the PAC attendee e.g. child includes emergency contact information and health data and any other data the parent/guardian/carer shares with us to ensure their time spent at PAC is enjoyable and safe.  

Your data will not be shared to any third party

The data collected will be used to organise running of PAC i.e. grouping children re age/school year, inform staff of particular medical needs and accessed when emergency contact is required


Name and email address of main account holder will be used for ongoing information sharing and marketing via email. PAC uses MailChimp as the primary email system. This allows those on the PAC mailing list to unsubscribe via link on the bottom of every email sent.

Hard copies of the child’s information is stored for the duration of the PAC season to be accessed when required e.g. emergency


Data stored online i.e. MailChimp and Active are stored until child is no longer PAC age or main account holder removes data

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