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Monday 31st July - Friday 4th August 2023

PAC welcomes back Doug Crabbe, our very own Bear Grylls, this Summer for a week of Bushcraft at PAC, Newlands Centre, Rommannobridge. Doug is an experienced teacher and Forest School Leader and initially worked with PAC as a group leader (many years ago!)

"Over the years I have aimed to share my love of spending time outdoors with others; by empowering them with knowledge and skills to make the experience comfortable, safe and most importantly fun."

BUSHKIDS @ PAC - for ages 8 to 10

Mon 31st July - Fri 4th Aug, 9am - 12.30, Newlands Centre

Looking for adventure and fun? Want to learn some woodland crafts and get mucky? Then join our team of BushKid explorers this summer in woodlands near Newlands Centre, Romannobridge.

We'll be creating, inventing, exploring, learning, cooperating and getting mucky! Each day will involve new challenges, games and craft activities inspired by nature. So join us for a totally wild experience this summer...


This 5 half-day BushKids Camp costs £110 and can be booked alongside a half-day at PAC for an additional £18/day.

BUSHCRAFT - for ages 11+

Mon 31st July - Fri 4th Aug, 1.30pm - 5pm, Newlands Centre

Join Doug at Bushcraft this summer and learn not just how to survive, but how to thrive outdoors.

Each day will have a new theme:



  • FIRE

  • FOOD


Doug will use his experience to help you build on prior knowledge and learn new skills in a relaxed, fun way.


This 5 half-day Bushcraft Camp costs £110 - this specialist camp can be booked alongside a half-day at PAC for an additional £18/day.


On both camps you can expect to get mucky so bring a change of clothes and make sure they are suitable for the weather as we will be out of doors.

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